Fire Engineering

Building plans need to be accessed for compliance with the building code in a fire report and plans.-
for means of escape from fire and (except for internal alterations) protection of neighbour’s property. The acceptable solutions C/AS1-7 provide the quickest and easiest approved fire reports .
Otherwise the verification method is required with council and fire service approval.
See us at an early stage to check you have enough exits and egress path lengths etc to enable an economical design.
For alterations, change of use and subdivisions as far as reasonably practicable compliance is required. We are experienced arguing acceptance of some existing features saving cost where justifiable for council’s acceptance. 

Change of use of building requires assessment of fire, access and facilities for persons with disabilities, structural and sanitary fixtures for the new use. Change to residential requires a review of all building code clauses.
We are able to provide  the construction systems for firewalls etc to achieve consent.

Acoustic reports/Design

We select approved construction systems to cater for both fire and acoustic required for multiunit Residential.

Accessibility Reports/Design

We provide access and facilities for persons with disabilities in commercial buildings. This needs to mesh with the fire design.

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