Civil / Drainage Engineering

Every project needs on-site stormwater and wastewater connections. This frequently requires public lines to be extended into the new lot.

This needs Engineering Plan Approval (EPA) for subdivision/resource consent. Early consideration is required when no suitable public line (sewer) is nearby.

Stormwater Detention and Retention (Reuse) tanks are increasingly required under council’s Unitary Plan /Code of Practice/Network Discharge Consents to increase development capacity. -These need design for resource consent and building consents.
In soakage areas, this can be rockbore, where there is underground rock, or shallow soakage, typically in permeable volcanic soils (not clay), – requires testing, and soakage report to meet today’s standard.
Flood reports assess 1 in 100 year flood levels and minimum freeboard to floor levels where there is a flood hazard. – required for architectural design.

Common Accessway (ROW)

Shared driveways provide for trucks, have the right gradients and drainage cesspits. This – requires a Common Accessway (CAW) consent or EPA.
We have the experience to design your drains and accessway and make sense of the requirements.

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